This page, with verses I myself compose, will be updated as each verse is either added to the retrospective "Step by Step 2009" journal entries, or as new ones are written as we look forward to the challenge in October/ November 2014.

As I stride out
to begin this epic journey
I know I'm not alone;
for I'm surrounded
by memories, by HEROES.
Memories of battlefields
long since visited
but with me, forever.
The cold of that February
took me back then
as it does now.
I'm walking with those boys,
HEROES one and all.
I feel what they felt;
fear, anxiety and dread,
but camaraderie and
comradeship too.
For I'm doing
what I believe in,

© Em L. Fairley
Composed Sunday, December 13, 2009
The capitalization in the verse is representative of the way the charity, “HELP for HEROES”, uses it on their wristbands.

"With Pride and Honor"Since time began
wars have been fought.
Battles have been won,
battles have been lost.
But through it all
since time began;
whether soldier, sailor,
airman or Marine.
Each has served,
many have died.
For their country,
for their flag.
They have given their all.
With Pride and Honor

© Em L. Fairley
Composed Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Band of brothers and sisters"As we all signed up for
the H4H Christmas Hike 2009
we were strangers.
Right now, many still are;
much like when signing up
for military service itself.
Soon, all that will change,
Em, Seb, Bea and Zach,
Cj, Alex, Jake and Pip,
Dani, Graham, Emily and Terry.
All united, in service for
a cause we all believe in.
We will become
in such a short time,
like any military unit;
a close and strong
band of brothers and sisters.

© Em L. Fairley
Composed Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

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