Monday, March 31, 2014

A few notes of thanks

Hi everyone,

If you read my previous post Why "Battling Back"? you'll know that the reason I'm doing the as yet unannounced, but definitely happening, challenge in late October/ early November is to raise funds for two military charities, the second of which is yet to be nominated.

In the last paragraph of that post, I thanked everyone who has and continues to serve and I said that each is my inspiration. But they aren't the only ones I need to thank at this point, nor are they my only inspiration, indeed the two go hand in hand.

I'd like to start by thanking my brother Zane, himself a veteran of the US Marine Corp. Bro, I've said this both publicly and privately and you know I'll keep saying it... You're one of the strongest guys I know, and you and your beautiful wife Jen are such an inspiration to me! You're both heroes to me! Thank you!

Aaron is another of my brothers, he's the one who was called by our Lord last Christmas day to bring me into what is now our shared ministry. Bro, I was so honored and blessed to be called to serve alongside you. You too are such an inspiration. Thank you!

Moving on to another of my brothers, Stephen. Since the moment you heard about the challenge, you've offered so much support, advice on training and encouragement. Thank you!

Last for now, but by no means least is my best friend, who got an anonymous mention in the last post, Spence. We've been through so much together over the years, shared laughter and tears and more recently compared shoulder injuries! It was, ultimately, your determination to overcome yours that gave me the push I need to get things moving regarding my own fitness and this challenge, and I look forward to us inspiring each other towards our goals. Thank you!

I'm so lucky, so blessed to have such wonderful guys and Jen in my life. Each of you are such an inspiration and I love you all so much. THANK YOU!!!!!

God bless