Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year Begins

Hi everyone,

It's a little hard to believe that my last update was over four months ago and I'm so sorry I didn't get another post out after announcing the postponement of the Battling Back 2014 Challenge!

Very, very sadly one of the men, the heroes, who had inspired me to Battle Back, passed away just days after my last post. Dr. William Lee Graham, my best friend's father and the man I know and love as Dad, lost his courageous year-long battle with cancer on August 9, 2014.

Dr. Graham had joined the US Navy on Pearl Harbor day, the day the US joined WWII. A great American Patriot, a great American Hero; faithful servant of his country and his Lord and Savior, at whose side he rests; an inspiration to his family and all those who's lives he touched, including mine.

After rightly taking some time out to focus on him and his beloved family, I returned to my workout regimen. However, the injury that had caused the postponement was proving as stubborn as I was in recognizing it's existence and I soon realized that only total rest would allow it to heal. If I hadn't taken a complete break I risked needing surgery to fix the muscle.

Complete immobilization of the arm was out of the question, but I rested it as much as possible. I moved house the first week in November and I was pleasantly surprised how the arm held up, despite all the lifting I had to do.

In the weeks since then I've continued to rest the arm as much as possible and will now slowly, very carefully begin what will be a long rehab. To that end, on this, the first Monday of 2015, I've this evening completed my first workout in around 3 months. I'm understandably a bit tired, but the arm seems fine as of this moment :)

I'm not yet ready to reveal any of the details of the rescheduled challenge, but what I will say is that due to the injury it won't now be water based. That decision was one that took some time and indeed a lot of prayer to make, but I know that it's one that had to be made, just as the postponement did. Even if the arm heals completely, a single long distance swim would be too risky.

So, as a new year begins, I reaffirm my commitment to you, to my Lord and Savior, to my heavenly inspiration and indeed to me too, that I WILL continue Battling Back. At this very moment I'm unsure how often I'll update this blog, but I'm aiming to do so at least weekly.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. It truly means so much to me!

God bless,

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