Friday, April 25, 2014

Ultimate lifeguard

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by, I'm honored to have you here.

In the majority of my posts, I've focused mainly on the physical aspects of my battle back to fitness and the challenge ahead. Today though, I want to say some more about both the mental and spiritual side of it, which is equally, if not more important, than the physicality.

In the Challenge announcement and training post, I spoke about how I'm now both mentally and spiritually stronger than for a very long time, if ever. I couldn't have set out on this journey if I wasn't ready in that way. Indeed that's the main reason why this year's challenge is taking place almost five years after the last, because if I wasn't where I am now in those respects, I'd risk failing to reach my goal and that is not a risk I would ever take.

In the majority of posts to the blog, I've mentioned all those who are inspiring, supporting and encouraging me. I know I'm never alone, each of you are with me. Jesus is too. Despite my mental/ spiritual strength, determination and yes, stubbornness, I couldn't do it without any of you, or Him.

Before each and every training session, I spend a few minutes in prayer, asking Him to strengthen and support me, to protect me from injury. Then, soon after I'm done, or in this Wednesday's case immediately I'd completed the last lap and was still stood in the pool, I say a prayer of thanks for getting me through the workout, and for everyone who is inspiring, supporting and encouraging me.

After I'd shared Wednesday's post and story of my latest achievements in the pool, one of my friends, Larry, posted the photo below on my Facebook wall, saying he thought is was appropriate for me, given the challenge. Thank you Larry!

It is appropriate for me, but it's SO true for all of us. Jesus Christ, IS our ultimate lifeguard.

God bless,

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