Monday, May 5, 2014

Step by Step 2009 ~ part 5

Hi everyone,

Today we continue our look back at the Step by Step journal from the 2009 challenge, starting on December 17. If you've missed the previous posts in the series you can read them HERE, the link opens in a new tab.

December 17 - Walk minus 11 days!
Today turned into an unscheduled rest day. Now I'm getting this close to the start of the hike, resting is as equally important as getting out and training. I was able to totally relax and catch up with some other things that I've been neglecting recently.

December 18 - Walk minus 10 days! I can't believe how close I'm getting now. The final countdown has really begun. I did just four miles training today, but it was great to get out there. I also got downtown and picked up the items for the first aid kit.

The weather will be colder than initially expected during the hike, so I'll be making sure I pack PLENTY of extra layers. I'll begin packing over the weekend and will, as promised in an earlier posting, give a detailed kit list.

December 19 - Walk minus 9 days! Another unscheduled rest day, as I spent time with family this morning. As it is, I'm VERY tired today. Rest is my first priority right now. I'll rest tomorrow too, then get out and do a 12 miler on Monday, it will be my last big session.

December 20 - Walk minus 8 days!Today is my last REAL rest day, as it all gets a little hectic from here. Final 12 mile training session tomorrow; last minute shopping on Tuesday with a 4 miler; back to UK time on Wednesday; short session Thursday; 6 miles on Christmas day; check packing Saturday; travel up north this time next week...

Before closing this relatively short post, I want to share another of the battlefield trip photos with you. The quality of the image is relatively poor for a number of reasons, it's been scanned and also because the light on the day was poor and I have purposefully not edited the file in any way because I want to convey as much of the atmosphere of the trip as possible.

In my next post I'll share my latest training notes and another couple of pix too, so I hope you'll join me on Wednesday. 

God bless,

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