Monday, May 12, 2014

Step by step 2009 ~ part 6

Hi everyone,

Today we continue our look back at the Step by Step journal from the 2009 challenge, starting on December 21. If you've missed the previous posts in the series you can read them HERE, the link opens in a new tab.

December 21 - Walk minus 7 days! I completed my LAST 12 mile training hike this morning. I'm doing 6 miles on Christmas day, but other than that, my training is complete!

WOW it really is getting close now! I didn't get my packing started at the weekend, but here's the list of things I'll be taking. We're not having to carry everything with us, only things needed for that day. The rest of the gear will be transported by our support vehicle, which Seb's Dad will be driving.

Thermal base layer
Hiking trousers
Fleece sweaters
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof trousers
Hiking boots
Prescription meds
Pain meds
Band aids
Blister band aids
Antiseptic wipes
Hand sanitizer
Glucose tabs
Head torch
Cell phone
Spare batteries for everything
Foam mat
Sleeping bag
Plastic plate
Plastic bowl
Plastic cup
2 ltr water bottle
Day-sack (small rucksack)
Notebook and pen

I can't believe that it's so close now. To have finished my training really brings it home. This time next week, we'll have completed day one of the hike! That said, I still have a lot to get done.

* Tuesday (12/22) - Last minute shopping (for the hike, not Christmas). I'm also collecting my train tickets. I'll be up and out early.
* Wednesday (12/23) - Officially switch back to UK time. Get packing done. Finish work for the holidays.
* Thursday (12/24) - Rest day. I've got some personal emails to write and some phone calls to make.
* Friday (12/25) - I'm doing 6 mile hike that I'd planned before I knew about the hike.
* Saturday (12/26) - FINAL rest day. I intend to totally relax and check that everything is packed.
* Sunday (12/27) - After a quiet morning I'll be travelling by train to Preston, arriving around 6:00 pm GMT. All those of us doing the hike are staying at Dani's house that night. It will be the very first time I've met the other hikers.
* Monday (12/28) - HIKE DAY 1! We'll be up VERY early to get the 7:14 am train from Preston to Carlisle. From there, we'll get a taxi to Bowness-on-Solway. The hike itself should begin around 9:00 am GMT.

I intend to keep this "blog" going while I'm away, though you won't see it until I get back afterwards. 
December 23 - Walk minus 5 days!I'm switching back to UK time today, the packing isn't yet done, but it WILL be started later.
December 24 - Walk minus 4 days! I've *finally* got the packing done! I'm totally ready for Christmas too.

December 25 - Walk minus 3 days! Merry Christmas everyone! I did my last leisurely 6 miles this morning, something that was already planned before I knew about the hike. Though the hike itself starts in 3 days, I will be travelling on Sunday, so there's now just 48 hours to go! WOW! 
December 26 - Walk minus 2 days! This is it. I travel up north tomorrow ready to start the hike on Monday. In the last 30 days I've walked more than 140 miles in training.

I'm doing nothing except relaxing today, conserving energy for the next 9 days. I'll post again tomorrow, then keep writing this blog while I'm away, so you will see more of it when I get back.

THANK YOU ALL for your support, it really does mean do much to me.
I'm loving sharing these memories with you and from this point in our look back, we'll be focusing on a single entry each week, because there was so much to write about each evening.

To close this entry, I leave you with a couple more images from the high school battlefield trip...

 Please join me on Wednesday when we'll look at my continuing preparations for this year's challenge.

God bless,

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  1. You're doing a super job, Em! KEEP going:)